Welcome to Mozambique Conservation Initiative

The Mozambique Conservation Initiative (MCI)  is a hands on, boots on the ground organization supporting the private investors of Mozambique in their efforts to conserve the wildlife, protect the areas and engage with local communities.

Investing in conservation areas anywhere in Africa does not come cheap or easy. Responsibilities including anti-poaching and community engagement is a full time job in itself, often taking focus and recourses away from properly managing the area as a whole.

Our philosophy at MCI is to focus on one conservation area at a time in order to meet our goals before taking on new conservation areas under our wing. This ensures a solid and sustainable foundation of support for the areas.

Partners of MCI

Thank you to our partners and donors for their generous support.

Our Passions

Some of the reasons that keep us working for a better future.


Through the training facilities of the SAWC (Southern African Wildlife Collage) a respectable number of “students” from these communities have been employed in...


Providing communities with the sense of ownership provides further incentive to conserve and protect the wildlife areas. It is our aim to improve the quality of the cattle...


Conflict between humans and wildlife will forever be an increasing issue. As both human and wildlife populations increase the battle for space becomes more evident...

Our People

Dr. Carlos Lopes Pereira, 2019 | Mozambique

The Prince William Award winner has just been announced as  Dr. Carlos Lopes Pereira.  He is a passionate and dedicated conservation leader widely regarded as the face of conservation in Mozambique.

Our People

A Clan is born